Conditions for the Final Exam

1. Signing up for Final Exam

  • In case you are eligible to take the Final Exam you should sign up for it:
    • by registering for the final exam period in the Neptun system. In your Neptun please go to "Administration", "Final exams". To register for a final exam period, please click on the icon at the end of the row, and select "Register/Edit registration" in the menu. 
  • In order to take the Final Exam, please note:
    • If you have unpaid items (also tuition fees or library fines) on Neptun, please pay them off.
    • You have to complete the subject Work and Fire Safety Training.
    • You need two semesters of Physical Education signed on Neptun.
    • You need to complete 10 credit points of optional courses (please, check carefully the credit points of each subject, as some have 2 credits).

2. Checking completions

  • At the beginning of your final semester please check whether you successfully completed the study and exam requirements as set out in the curriculum, namely: 
    • The necessary credit points defined in the curriculum (210 including 10 credit points of optional courses) are gained or will be gained. 
    • The criterium subjects (Work and Fire Safety course, Physical Education courses and Internships) are completed.
    • Holding licences, passing the exams of the Hungarian Aviation Authority by the end of the semester.
  • These requirements are also checked by the University at the end of the semester. 
  • After fulfilling all the necessary study and exam requirements defined in the curriculum, the University verifies it in the Neptun system through the pre-degree certificate. Students who obtained the pre-degree certificate can submit the thesis and take the final exam.
  • Please note that after the semester the pre-degree certificate is obtained student status can no longer be active. Student status ends:
    • on the day of the Final Exam or
    • if the student does not take the Final Exam on the last day of that semester. 

3. Final Exam

  • The Final Exam shall test and assess the knowledge, skills and abilities requisite to the award of the degree, whereby students shall also prove their ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The conditions for taking the Final Exam and the parts of the Final Exam are defined in the requirements for the training program.
  • Final Exam can be taken in the final exam period of both the fall semester and the spring semester, one in January, another one in June.
  • If the Final Exam is taken within two years after obtaining the pre-degree certificate, the conditions are the same as the ones effective in the academic year of the student’s starting year.
  • If the Final Exam is taken more than two years after obtaining the pre-degree certificate the conditions of taking the exam are stipulated by the Faculty.
  • No Final Exam can be taken later than five years after the termination of the student status.
Last update: 2023. 10. 17. 09:03