Parts of the Final Exam

Final Exam consists of two parts:

  1. Oral exam

  2. Thesis defence

The two parts of the Final Exam shall not be separated.

Oral exam

  • Each student draws an exam item from both of the Final Exam topics:
    • Communication topics
    • Aircraft General Knowledge topics
  • After the elaboration of the items (in writing), the student has to present them in front of the committee.

Thesis defence

  • A Thesis Defence grade is awarded for
    • the thesis,
    • its defence,
    • the answers to the questions related to the thesis respectively and
    • the answers to the questions asked by the reviewer.
  • Requirements:
    • The students have to prepare a presentation (PPT) about the thesis. 
    • Please use the official University of Debrecen PPT templates for the presentation:
    • The presentation should provide videos, photos that give evidence that the work have been done by the student.
    • The slides of the presentation will have to be uploaded to the computer and try it before the Thesis Defence starts. If any technical problem occurs (the lack of available format or video codec) it is the student’s responsibility. Suggested: PPT version 2016, video: HD Ready resolution, AVI container format. 
    • The presentation starts with the student’s presentation where they have to summarize their work in 10-12 minutes. After the presentation the committee can ask the student to respond questions about the thesis. 
    • A maximum of 12 minutes is available for the Thesis Defence in the Final Exam. The main point of the defence is to summarize and present the thesis in 10-12 minutes. By doing so, you can prove to the committee that the thesis is your own work.
    • During the defence, pay attention to the appropriate pace of your speech. Slow, stuttering and quick, fast-paced presentations should be avoided so that the committee could follow the presentation throughout.
    • The accurate use of units of measure is very important. For example, the vector quantity should be written in either bold or normal font, with a vector symbol above it.
    • When summarising, the most important thing is for the student to sum up the work done and his/her own opinion and conclusions.
  • Main parts of the presentation (minimum 8, maximum 16 slides):
    • The title of the thesis, the student’s name and the supervisor’s name (1 slide)
    • The content of the presentation (1 slide)
    • Problem proposition, the task to be solved (1-2 slides)
    • An approach for problem solving, derivations and guidelines for a factual summary of the applied principles(1-3 slides)
    • Introduction of the solution and main steps of the thesis (1-3 slides)
    • Results achieved (1-3 slides)
    • Conclusions, proposed solutions and further improvements (1-2 slides)
    • Appreciation to the internal or external supervisor, the company, etc. (1 slide)
  • Evaluation criteria:
    • The PPT should comply to the formal and substantive requirements.
    • Professional standard and use of technical terms.
    • Communication skills: fluency and focus on the presentation.
  • Typical errors:
    • Too much text in the slides. Suggested text on a slide 3-6 sentences or 15-30 words.
    • The figures are illegible. Graphs or figures on the slide are too small. Recommended font size min 14 pt.
    • Please avoid screen cutout because the inscription is difficult to read and there can be too much information that is not related to the subject. Instead of screen cutout, please use: block diagram, process diagram or a simple listing. 
    • Low level research and use of relevant literature. There is very little presentation of the relevant technology and solution.
    • Lack of application of performance indicators in the relevant literature. Eg: efficiency, consumption: eg: km / h, kWh / m2, kWh / year, kWh / km, etc. units of measurement.
    • Reference to the mastered material of the studied subjects. A common mistake is that the knowledge of the subjects taught in the Professional Pilot BSc program does not appear. 
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