Credit System

Majors in the Hungarian Education System have generally been instituted and ruled by the Act of Parliament under the Higher Education Act. The higher education system meets the qualifications of the Bologna Process that defines the qualifications in terms of learning outcomes: statements of what students know and can do on completing their degrees. In describing the cycles, the framework uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

ECTS was developed as an instrument of improving academic recognition throughout the European Universities by means of effective and general mechanisms. ECTS serves as a model of academic recognition, as it provides greater transparency of study programs and student achievement. ECTS in no way regulates the content, structure and/or equivalence of study programs.

Regarding each major, the Higher Education Act prescribes which professional fields define a certain training program. It contains the proportion of the subject groups: natural sciences, economics and humanities, profession-related subjects and differentiated field-specific subjects.

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