Lisf of Subjects/Semesters

The total number of credit points (210) of the training program can be obtained by completing the subjects of the curriculum. There is a certain degree of freedom in the order students can complete the subjects. However, it is recommended that the suggested order be followed because some subjects can only be taken after the completion of the prerequisite subject(s), and/or can be the prerequisites for other subjects.

The list of subjects you have to complete in the semesters according to the model curriculum of Professional Pilot BSc programme:

1st semester 2nd semester
Mathematics I Mathematics II
Statics and Strength of Materials Mathematics Comprehensive Exam
Engineering Physics Dynamics and Vibration
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics I Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics II
Informatics for Engineers I Aviation Terminology I
Basics of Aviation I Aircraft Technology
Theoretical Knowledge of Airline Transport Pilot Licence I (ATPL) Basics of Aviation II
  Theoretical Knowledge of Airline Transport Pilot Licence II (ATPL)
Aircraft General Knowledge I - Airframe, Systems, Power Plants (ATPL)
Optional Subject I
Internship I
3rd semester 4th semester
Electrotechnics and Electronics Economics for Engineers
Aviation Terminology II Aviation Terminology III
Descriptive Geometry Materials Engineering
Mechanical Machines and Machine Elements Manufacturing Technologies
Mechatronic Devices (Sensors, Actuators, Motors) Technique of Measurement
Theoretical Knowledge of Airline Transport Pilot Licence III (ATPL) Human Performance (ATPL)
Aircraft General Knowledge II - Airframe, Systems, Power Plants (ATPL) Flight Training II
Air Law (ATPL) Meteorology I (ATPL)
Flight Training I Flight Planning and Monitoring (ATPL)
Optional Subject II Operational Procedures (ATPL)
  Optional Subject III
Internship II
5th semester 6th semester
Microeconomics and Economical Processes of Enterprises Environment, Health and Safety, Ergonomics (Basics of EHS)
Quality and Technical Management Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation (ATPL)
Environmental Protection and Dangerous Goods Flight Training IV
Aviation Terminology IV Mass and Balance (ATPL)
Flight Training III Performance (ATPL)
Meteorology II (ATPL) Communication VFR, IFR (ATPL)
General Navigation (ATPL) Thesis I
Radio navigation (ATPL) Optional Subject V
Optional Subject IV Internship III
7th semester  
Flight Training V
Type Rating
Thesis II

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