Industrial Vehicle Manufacturing Laboratory

  • In the industrial laboratory, development of cyber-physical systems and programming of various machines used in the automotive industry takes place. The laboratory opens the door to the making of new and unique systems, which we can integrate into an Industry 4.0 production cell model, specially designed for this purpose. This way we can safely test the new systems before their real integration to production. Several industrial robots and processing units are part of the laboratory, and help with education and development.
  • By the means of virtual online spaces, we can work out new and innovative educational systems for industrial personnel in the interest of efficient and productive work.
  • 16 students are able to work at the same time in the laboratory at a total of eight workstations consisting of robots. The laboratory contains a 3-axis TTT Q-robot multitasking robot, a KR5arc KUKA industrial robot, two KR3 KUKA teaching robot and a SONY SCARA SRX-611 robot connected with a delivery track incorporated into a manufacturing cell. Robots are connected by a Flexlink X45e material delivery track.
  • In the laboratory the industrial softwares are used, which were developed for programming and simulating robots offline. We integrated industrial simulation environment into our educational system.
  • The goal of the laboratory’s activity:
    • teaching of robotics,
    • 3D printer technologies and
    • research of processes concerning the robotisation of industrial processes, as well as
    • presentation of CIM systems and Industry 4.0 systems and the research of integration possibilities.

Last update: 2023. 11. 30. 12:35