Thesis I – Professional Pilot BSc


In semester 2020/21/2 there is only one Thesis I (MK3THE1R05HX17-EN) course open under the name of Dr. Géza Husi. Please register for that course and after receiving all the Thesis Topic Announcement Sheets we will open new courses with each supervisor! Please note that you have to work for two semesters on your thesis.


General principles of thesis

Thesis is the creative elaboration of a professional task (scientific, engineering, design, development, research or research development) in a written form as defined in the bulletin of the training program. By solving the task, the student relies on his/her studies using international literature under the guidance of a supervisor. By preparing and defending the thesis, students who complete the Professional Pilot BSc program prove that they are capable of organising and summarising the theoretical skills and knowledge acquired during the first three years of their studies in a professional way, and doing individual work.


Step-by-step guide

1. Registering for the course

  • If you know which topic you would like to choose or which field you are interested in, you must contact a lecturer from the Faculty who you would like to work with as your supervisor.
  • You can find a list of possible thesis topics here.
  • If your chosen supervisor accepts your topic, you must register for Thesis I (MK3THE1R05HX17-EN) course at the beginning of the semester via the NEPTUN system. 

2. Thesis Topic Announcement Sheet

  • Once you agree on a topic with your supervisor, you have to negotiate its details with him/her.
  • After this, both you and your supervisor have to sign the Thesis Topic Announcement Sheet which certifies that he/she will consult you on a regular basis.
  • The signed Sheets must be uploaded here.
  • This first version is merely a topic plan which may change when you actually start working on your topic. 
  • After completing Thesis I, you must register for Thesis II in the next semester and submit the final, signed version of the Thesis Topic Announcement Sheet to the Department (Ms. Krisztina Tóth office 120) and also send it in a MS Word document (without any signatures) to .
  • This final sheet is the basis for the Thesis Sheet which is prepared by the Department, signed by the Head of the Department, and which must be bound into the thesis when it is finished. 

3. Regular consultation with the supervisor Due to the current situation these rules are suspended temporarily.

  • During the semester, students have to give account of the current state of the thesis to the supervisor at least three times, each of which must be documented by a separate Consultation Sheet.
  • The Consultation Sheets are filled in and managed by the supervisor and must be signed by both you and him/her. 
  • The signed Sheets must be uploaded here.
  • It is not necesarry to sign the Sheets or upload them.
  • The supervisor will certify the realization of the consultations.
  • Due to the current situation the Deadlines will be handled flexibly. 

4. Completing Thesis I

  • Requirements:

    • Literature overview and Research: Upload it until 30 June here
    • Presentation on your thesis: The Thesis presentation should be delivered in front of your supervisor until 30 June, 2021.

5. Thesis submission

  • Complete Thesis I and register for Thesis II.
  • More information will be announced later.


Deadlines (Due to the current situation the Deadlines will be handled flexibly.)

Deadline Task Document needed
During registration period Register for Thesis I (MK3THE1R05HX17-EN) course None
8 March, 2021 Upload the Thesis Topic Announcement Sheet Thesis Topic Announcement Sheet
30 June, 2021 Upload the Literature overview and Research Literature overview and Research
30 June, 2021 Presentation on your thesis None


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