The diploma will be awarded at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty. At the graduand’s special request the diploma is issued and given out by the Faculty within 30 days.

Important information

  • According to the Hungarian Higher Education Act, the successful completion of the final examination and the corresponding language examination are prerequisites for the award of a diploma certifying the completion of higher education studies. However, if the language of the program is not Hungarian, no language examination is required for the award of the diploma.
  • Professional Pilot BSc students have to obtain ICAO Level 4 language exam according to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (03/11/2011) which lays down the conditions on professional pilot training.
  • The Professional Pilot Bachelor’s degree alone does not entitle its holder to pursue a career as a professional pilot. One of the requirements is holding a pilot licence. This licence can be gained after having passed the theoretical and practical exam within the accredited examination system of the Aviation Authority of the National Transport Authority.
  • The diploma is an official document decorated with the coat of arms of Hungary which verifies the successful completion of studies in the Professional Pilot undergraduate program. 

The diploma contains the following data:

  • name of HEI (higher education institution);
  • institutional identification number;
  • serial number of diploma;
  • name of diploma holder;
  • date and place of his/her birth;
  • level of qualification;
  • training program;
  • mode of attendance;
  • place, day, month and year issued.
  • Furthermore, it has to contain the original signature of the Dean (or in case of his/her indisposition the Vice-Dean for Education) and the seal of HEI.

Diploma grade

Diploma grade (D) is calculated as follows:


AE = The average of the Authority Exams, rounded to two decimal places.

FE = Final Exam grade.


Classification of the diploma

Outstanding 4,81 – 5,00
Excellent 4,51 – 4,80
Good 3,51 – 4,50
Satisfactory 2,51 – 3,50
Pass 2,00 – 2,50

Diploma with Honours

  • A diploma with honours is given where a student received 
    • a student received an excellent grade in all the subjects of the final exam and for the thesis defence,
    • a student received excellent for all the comprehensive exams, 
    • the grade average of all his/her other examination grades and seminar grades is minimum 4.00 or better, and
    • a student did not receive a grade lower than satisfactory during all of his/her studies.
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