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Dear Visitors,

On behalf of the Department of Air- and Road Vehicles I welcome you on our website and I appreciate your interest in our work at the Department.  The Department of Air- and Road Vehicles is one of the newest and growing departments of Faculty of Engineering. The set-up of the Department was initiated by the participants of aviation and vehicle industry had located in Debrecen.

The Department in cooperation with off-site departments operates Professional Pilot BSc Programme in English and Air Vehicle Operations Engineer Postgraduate Specialization Programme. Vehicle Engineering BSc programme is also available in English from September 2021.

The main task of the Department is to specify educational needs in relation to aviation and vehicle industry has arisen in Debrecen.

The work of the Department is supported by the Aviation Engineering off-site Department (Pharma Flight International Science and Service Centre, Debrecen, Szatke Ferenc utca 1.) and the off-site Department of Electric Vehicle Development (Electromega Ltd.  Debrecen, Köntösgát út 1-3.).

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Prof. Dr. Géza Husi
Head of Department

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