Final Exam Grade

Final Exam consists of two parts

  • Thesis presentation and Defence. A Thesis Defence grade is awarded for

    • the thesis,
    • its defence and
    • the answers to the questions related to the thesis respectively.
  • Oral exam - The student is expected to select a topic randomly from the subjects of the Final Exam and will be examined after preparation. Final Exam topics:
    • Aircraft General Knowledge

      • Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation
      • Aircraft General Knowledge I-II (Airframe/Systems/Power plants) ATPL
    • Communication
      • Communication IFR
      • Communication VFR

Final Exam grade

Both parts of the Final Exam shall be assessed on a five-grade scale by the members of the Final Exam Committee. The Committee shall then consult behind closed doors and vote about the final grade for the Final Exam. The result of the Final Exam shall be announced by a member of the Committee. Minutes shall be taken during the Final Exam.

The grade of the Final Exam is the average of the grades awarded for the oral part of the Final Exam and Thesis Defence. Therefore, it is calculated as follows:

, where
x = Final Exam grade
b = average of the grades awarded for the oral part of the Final Exam, rounded down to two decimal places
c = grade awarded for Thesis Defence

Improving failed Final Exam

  • If any part of the Final Exam is evaluated as fail, according to the existing rules of the University, it can be retaken.
  • The retake of the Final Exam may be attempted in the following exam period at the earliest.

Updated: 2022.01.14.

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