Final Exam topics

Oral exam

  • Each student draws an exam item from both of the Final Exam topics:

    • Aircraft General Knowledge topics
    • Communication topics
  • After the elaboration of the items (in writing), the student has to present them in front of the committee.

Final Exam topics:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge topics

    • Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation

      • 1. What types of sensors are used in aviation? How do they work? 
      • 2. What is the principle of operation of each pitot-static instrument? How do they work on an airliner with the use of an Air Data Computer (ADC)? 
      • 3. How does a gyroscope work? What are the characteristics of the different gyroscopic instruments? 
      • 4. What are the automatic flight control systems? How do they work? 
      • 5. What modes do autopilots have? What is the Flight Mode Annunciator (FMA)? 
      • 6. What are the different types of Inertial Navigation? How do they work? 
      • 7. What is the Flight Management System (FMS)? How does it work? 
      • 8. What are the operating principles of a Direct Reading Magnetic Compass (DRMC)? What error does it have? How does the Flux Valve work? 
      • 9. What are the modes of operation of the Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)? How does the Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS) work? 
      • 10. What types of trim systems can be found on airliners? What is the Yaw Damper? What types of flight envelope protection exist?
    • Aircraft General Knowledge I-II (Airframe/Systems/Power plants) ATPL
      • 1. What kind of loads and stresses affect airplane structures? What are the design principles? 
      • 2. What are the different parts of an aircraft hydraulic system? How does the system operate as a whole? 
      • 3. How do landing gears work in an airliner? How does the brake system work? 
      • 4. What are the different flight controls? How do they work with hydraulic power? 
      • 5. What is a fly-by-wire control system? How does it work? 
      • 6. How does an airliner electrical system work? What are the components? 
      • 7. What is the operating principle of piston engines? How do their accessory systems work? 
      • 8. What is the operating principle of turbine engines? How do their accessory systems work? 
      • 9. How does the pressurization system on an airliner work? What are the components? 
      • 10. What are the different types of ice detection systems? How do de-icing equipment work?
  • Communication topics
    • Communication IFR

      • 1. What are the different Air Traffic Service (ATS) units a pilot maintains contact with from departure to arrival? What are their roles?
      • 2. What are the propagation characteristics of VHF radio waves? What are the factors affecting it?
      • 3. What is the procedure for loss of communication in IMC and VMC?
      • 4. What are the different sources of airborne weather information? 5. What communication systems are used in aviation (Data-link, CPDLC, ACARS, FANSs)? How do they work?
      • 6. How is the phraseology different in controlled and uncontrolled airspaces?
      • 7. What is the Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)? What parts does it have?
      • 8. What are the rules of intercepting civil aircraft?
      • 9. What is the departure clearance? What items does it contain?
      • 10. What are the procedures to follow in case of a pilot is unable to establish radio contact with an ATS unit?
    • Communication VFR
      • 1. What are the basic rules of radio phraseology?
      • 2. What are the procedures and phraseology used at a controlled airport?
      • 3. What are the phrases of radar and approach control?
      • 4. What are the rules of position report in controlled and uncontrolled airspace?
      • 5. How does direction finding works? What is VDF?
      • 6. What factors affect the range of radio wave transmissions?
      • 7. What are the rules of reading back transmissions?
      • 8. What are the rules of distress and emergency communication?
      • 9. What are the different categories of messages? How are they prioritized?
      • 10. If establishing communication with an ATS unit is difficult what tools are available to the pilot?

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