Thesis Topics

If you know which topic you would like to choose or which field you are interested in, you must contact a lecturer from the Faculty who you would like to work with as your supervisor. Once you agree on a topic with your supervisor, you have to negotiate its details with him/her. Please note that if your chosen supervisor accepts your topic, you must register for Thesis I (MK3THE1R05HX17-EN) course at the beginning of the semester via the NEPTUN system.

Available topics for students starting in 2020

Dr. Géza Husi's topics: Academic (scientific) approaches to aviation:

  • Impact of Coronavirus on airline operations
  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • Prospects and perspectives foster enhanced research on bio-aviation fuels
  • Human factors and analysis of aviation education content of commercial pilots
  • Sustainable aviation gasoline alternatives
  • Potential of future thermoelectric energy recuperation for aviation
  • Aviation Technology Forecast for Sustainable (Green) Aviation Using Patent Analysis
  • Review of technologies to achieve sustainable (Green) aviation
  • The experimental determination of the moments of inertia of airplanes
  • Understanding the Impact of Cross-culture on Airline Pilots' Safety Performance in Europe and ...... (your home country)
  • The 3D shape of aircraft wing: status and challenges and physical, mechanical stresses and physical (mathematical) descriptions
  • Physics of flight: ascent, constant altitude constant velocity, constant altitude acceleration and deceleration, descent. (Description and studies require the examination of time-continuous functions: differential equations)
  • Operating principles and engineering physical (mathematical) description of the gear unit control basic instruments (intake manifold pressure gauges, oil and fuel pressure gauges oil thermometers, tachometers, exhaust gas thermometers, fuel consumption meters, fuel gauges)
  • A comparative study of the aviation safety management regulatory frameworks of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Dr. Géza Husi (internal supervisor) and 's (external supervisor) topics: 

  • Human factors analysis of aviation education content of commercial pilots in UD
  • Comparison of newly developed and traditional engines flight (Continental Diesel or Rotax vs Lycoming)
  • Applications of an electric powertrain in aviation
  • Application and development of positioning tools in aviation
  • Means of satellite navigation and communication in the cockpit

Dr. Piroska Ailer's topics:

  • Engines
  • Gas Turbines

Dr. Zsolt Tiba's topics:

  • Analyse the (……..) retractable landing gear linkage mechanism and its hydraulic system
  • Describe the (…………) wheel and the applied brake construction with its hydraulic and control system
  • The (…………..) aircraft pneumatic and its hot and cold air system
  • Anti-icing and de-icing solution of (………..) aircraft
  • Piston engine (…………) ignition system and carburettor, providing a proper combustion
  • Piston engine’s (………..) performance and power augmentation solution
  • Control of the (……..) engine constant speed propeller

Dr. József Menyhárt's topics (these topics are suggestions and flexible for modification following your ideas): 

  • Diagnostics of aircraft engines and bearings
  • Sustainability of electric engines and batteries in aircrafts
  • Maintenance of Aircrafts
  • Safety in aviation
  • Sustainable energy in aviation
  • Ethics of using UAVs

PhD. st. Timotei Erdei's topics: Academic (scientific) approaches to aviation:

  • Engineering and navigation of Quadcopter in 3D virtual space (Swarm Robotics)
  • Design Cyber-Physical space to test and train aircraft units

Updated: 2022.11.29.

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